Laser Hair Removal

Bringing Advanced Laser Hair Removal Equipment to Virginia Beach

As long as people have been making cosmetic changes to their appearance, there have been attempts to solve the problem of unwanted hair. Cutting the hair off at the skin's surface by shaving and pulling the hair out at the roots by plucking or waxing are the most traditional methods, but these only provide temporary results. Technological advances have produced more permanent and long-term solutions by damaging the follicle itself, preventing re-growth of the hair. Today, the advanced laser hair removal equipment in use at our Virginia Beach office, located near Chesapeake in the Tidewater region, provides effective long-term hair reduction with a minimum of discomfort and hassle.

Atlantic MedSpa utilizes both the Lumenis Lightsheer and Cutera YAG lasers to customize the best laser hair removal for our patients. Both lasers are FDA certified and offer a minimum of 85 percent reduction of hair growth. Our Cutera YAG laser is specially designed to reduce hair for women and men with darker skin complexion. Our affordable treatment packages include a total of eight sessions, which is usually sufficient to remove a considerable quantity of hair and leave smooth skin or only thin, light hair growing in its place. Let our medical staff evaluate your individual needs and develop a treatment plan for you.

Why is Laser Hair Removal Different?

Traditional methods of hair removal include temporary measures, such as shaving or waxing, that must be repeated often and that usually result in skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Electrolysis, previously the only permanent hair removal option, is time-consuming, painful, and often expensive. With laser hair removal, hair growth can be disrupted without necessitating the insertion of anything into the skin or the individual treatment of each follicle. This means a faster treatment with a minimum of discomfort and excellent, long-term results. Our practice provides laser hair removal in the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Tidewater area because it is a superior alternative to other hair removal techniques.

Where is Laser Hair Removal Applied?

Laser hair removal can be used to reduce or remove hair on any part of the body, with the exception of the area immediately surrounding the eyes. Some of the most commonly treated areas are the face, the back, the bikini area, the legs, and underarms. Both men and women enjoy the freedom from shaving and plucking unwanted hair that laser treatments provide.


Laser Hair Removal Technology

Early laser hair removal equipment was only effective at removing dark hair from light-colored skin. However, newer technologies allow people with fairer hair or deeper skin tones to benefit from laser hair removal as well. The key is to use the right type of treatment for each patient.

At Atlantic MedSpa, we strive to provide safe and effective removal of unwanted body hair for as many of our patients as possible. The Lumenis LightSheer® was the first system to offer successful treatment for a broad range of skin types and hair colors, and was the first to be allowed by the FDA to claim permanent results. For more information about the advanced laser hair removal equipment we use to serve our Hampton Roads patients, please contact us. Our Cutera YAG laser allows us to treat patients with darker skin tones quite effectively.


Laser Hair Removal Candidacy

Although many people were once considered poor candidates for laser hair removal due to dark skin and/or red, blonde, or grey hair color, advanced laser hair removal technology now makes it possible for most people to be a candidate. During a pre-treatment consultation, we will assess your skin type using a scale known as the Fitzpatrick Skin Typing Test. If you are not a good candidate, we will let you know right away. Also, people with certain medical conditions that may be aggravated by the procedure are advised against undergoing laser hair removal treatment. The doctor reviews each patient's medical history prior to treatment to ensure that no such conditions are present.